Punisher: War Zone Soundtrack interview with Senses Fail

Punisher: War Zone is the third film featuring Marvel’s antihero Frank Castle. Coming out this Friday, December 5th, the film sports a rockin’ soundtrack, notably featuring HRC fave Rob Zombie’s first new song in three years, as well as tracks from Slayer, Slipknot, Seether, and Machines of Loving Grace. Another artist featured on the soundtrack is Senses Fail, whose lead singer, Buddy Nielsen, answered a few questions for me regarding their contribution to the soundtrack, “The Past is Proof”.



HRC: How did you prep to create “The Past is Proof”, considering that The Punisher is an existing franchise?

Buddy: Well, it was a song that we never finished in the studio, we had written it but never finished the vocals for it. We ended up changing the song from it’s original form and making it longer and adding some more parts and then banged it out.

HRC: What is “The Past is Proof” about and how does it fit into the film?

Buddy: It is a song about not letting your possessions define who you are and about how much I love being able to do what I do. There are references towards regret and the past and the Punisher certainly has many of those. Also, the song is up beat and powerful which just happens to be how the Punisher lives his life, haha.

HRC: What does The Punisher and Senses Fail have in common that make it a good match?

Buddy: Well, like I said we like to live our lives to the max, we live in a sewer, we kill drug dealers with throwing knives. There are too many similarities to list.

HRC: How does working on a soundtrack help you progress as a band?

Buddy: I’m not really sure if it makes us progress as a band in any special way other than whenever we sit down and write a song you learn a little bit more about yourself and your abilities as a musician.

HRC: How does your soundtrack work fit in with your regular material?

I think the song is a little different than some of our other material but its a good difference. I am excited to write some more songs like this that are faster and more in your face.

You can pick up the soundtrack now while you wait for the film this Friday.

Rob Zombie “War Zone”
Slayer “Final Six”
Slipknot “Psychosocial”
Rise Against “Historia Calamitatum”
Seether “Fallen”
Kerli “Bulletproof”
7 Days Away “Take Me Away”
Senses Fail “The Past Is Proof”
Machines of Loving Grace “Butterfly Wings”
Justice “Genesis”
Pendulum “Showdown”
Hatebreed “Refuse / Resist”
Static-X “Lunatic”
Ramallah “Days of Revenge”

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