Is it 1988 all over again?

1988: NKOTB releases Hangin’ Tough

2008: NKOTB releases The Block. Seriously.

1988: AC/DC releases Blow Up Your Radio

2008: AC/DC releases Black Ice

1988: Metallica releases …And Justice For All

2008: Metallica releases Death Magnetic

1988: Guns ‘n Roses releases Lies

2008: Gun ‘n Roses releases Chinese Democracy

Yes, just like Black Ice will be a Walmart exclusive, Chinese Democracy is ‘almost real enough it’s not a rumor’ scheduled to be released on November 25th exclusively at Best Buy. Welcome to the new marketing scheme aimed towards bands popular before the digital age- store exclusives. Whoop-di-do.

I’m not going to hold my breath, but it just might be real this time. Especially with the Rock Band exclusive, and that blogger who got arrested, I guess I should get ready for my first Dr. Pepper in 10 years.


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