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Interview with Ilan Rubin of The New Regime and (soon to be) Nine Inch Nails

The New Regime’s Coup has been ear candy for me ever since discovering Ilan Rubin through this little band called Nine Inch Nails. Think Muse meets IAMX, with maybe a tinge of the good parts of Linkin Park, paired with some Queen influences.

Next month, Ilan will take the stage in New Zealand as NIN’s new drummer. Before he gets whisked off to rehearsals, I got a chance to ask him some questions about The New Regime, Rock Band, and his upcoming NIN gig.


ilan rubin

On The New Regime:
HardRockChick: How did you first get the idea for doing a solo project? What is the significance of the name The New Regime?

“I wanted to blend my rock and classical influences”

Ilan Rubin: I had always wanted to do a solo project where I was in charge of everything, so The New Regime music is created and performed exactly as I want it. The name is a powerful one which is a verbal representation of the music.

HRC: What were you particularly influenced by that served as an impetus for Coup?

IR: I suppose I was influenced by all the music I like. I wanted to blend my rock and classical influences well and cover as much musical ground as possible.

HRC: I’ve always been interested in what comes first, the lyrics or the music, and in this case, not only did you write everything, but you played every instrument. What part did you write/record first? Last?

IR: I always begin with a musical idea that I like, whether it be on guitar or on piano. Once I’ve come up with vocals melodies for all the parts, I record the drums, rhythm guitar and/or piano, bass, vocals with harmonies, then other guitar parts and intricacies.

In general:

HRC: Is it intimidating to try to make it in today’s music industry as a young artist? What’s your strategy? What keeps you motivated?

IR: It’s not intimidating, I love competition and don’t mind working to prove myself. My strategy is to perfect what I do, constantly improve and see new musical ideas through. What keeps me motivated is a bittersweet combination of the music I love and all of the nonsense that’s out there.

“I can’t stand them!”

HRC: What do you think about the drums in Rock Band? Have you played it? Are you good?

IR: I can’t stand them! I tried them once and didn’t do the best job, but I promise I’m not a sore loser…

On Nine Inch Nails:

HRC: Is it hard to give up the control you’ve had on The New Regime to work with a band with a lot of history?

IR: No. It’s gonna be a pleasure and a great learning experience working with people I respect. I couldn’t look forward to it more.

“I think ‘With Teeth’ would have to be my favorite all around album”

HRC: What’s your favorite NIN song/album? What did you play when you auditioned?

IR: I think ‘With Teeth’ would have to be my favorite all around album. I auditioned with 1,000,000, Letting You, March of the Pigs, Wish, Big Come Down, Terrible Lie, and Getting Smaller.

HRC: What would you say you are bringing to NIN as the new drummer?

IR: Perhaps I’ll bring a new excitement and slightly different playing style to the songs live. There’s a great combination of the robotic album qualities with an energetic live feel to accomplish.

HRC: Are you ready for the NIN fans? I’ve heard they are crazy

IR: I’m ready. If they’re supportive, awesome. If not, I’ll continue to do what I do regardless.


Buy your very own copy of Coup here. Catch Ilan drum it up in April when NIN returns to tour in the states- I know I will!


    this is a really kick ass interview. great job HRC!

    It's cool you interviewed him at this moment in his career; hopefully you can check back with him after the tour. Thanks!

    WOW! Great interview!

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