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Wine Tasting w/ Maynard Video

A Wine Library TV video with, albeit, an extremely annoying host, features a wine tasting with Maynard James Keenan of Tool/APC/Puscifer and winemaker Eric Glomski. Seriously, if the host drinks wine for a living should he be more mellow?

‘Part 1’

1:15: “If you don’t know who I am by now…pshhh”

3:28: “He’s like Yoda”

5:50: “Physically you had a dream?!”

7:40: “Female wolverine”

15:35: “You like that, huh?”

24:40: “Melted down fruit roll up component- I take 25 cherry fruit roll-ups, and put them in the microwave”

25:18: “More support guys are into wine- sound guys, accountants. The rock stars and band members, not so much”

‘Part 2’

4:45: “We only have 666 vines”

6:15: “Cha-ching!”

6:40: “Kinda like a 98 year old Eastern European guy who’s walking around with an iPhone”

8:25: “Eric, I’m in Spain and I’ve met someone. Her name is Tempranillo. Don’t tell Syrah”

9:12: “I’m getting a lot of starburst, skittles action. I’m riding the rainbow”

9:32: “Sausage Fest”

At the beginning of the year, I was able to go see these guys and buy some wine that they signed. Read about it here.

Thanks to Victoria for the tip!

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