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In the Beginning….Rage Against the Machine

Promo footage from 1991/92….wow! It includes their first public performance, with the most docile RATM crowd ever.

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    Interesting to look back on RATM like that. At that point they were a lot like a pissed-off Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the influence of Tom Morello's previous band, psychedelic funk-metallers Lock Up (no relation to the death-metal supergroup of the same name) was there as well. Great band, though I never necessarily liked a lot of the band's political leanings. I'm a proud liberal Democrat, and RATM made me look like Barry freakin' Goldwater by comparison. I dealt with a lot of people of similar mindset when I lived in Olympia, WA (home of the Evergreen State College, largely considered the most liberal institution in the nation), and they loved them some RATM while they protested and were arrested for various causes.

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