Top 5 Songs Featuring My Name

I was recently reminded of a song featuring my real name. I got to thinking, it’s odd that there are songs talking about girls with my name since it’s generally a boy’s name- I get mail addressed to ‘Mr.’ all the time. So I decided to compile them into a Top 5 list. Vanity.

My parents were actually going to name me Amanda after this song. Phew….

Jamie’s Cryin’ / Van Halen:

Janie’s Got a Gun (yes- it’s Janie, but most tend to say ‘Jamie’ and it’s been sung to me all my life) / Aerosmith:

Dear Jamie…Sincerely Me / Hellogoodbye:

Jamie / Weezer (this is the Dashboard Confessional version…couldn’t find the Weezer one anywhere!):

Jamie / Ray Parker, Jr.:

What songs feature your name?

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    very cool. too bad my name is

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