Top 5 Influential Bands (that never had much commercial success)

Velvet Underground
It is often said that while only a few thousand people bought their first record when it was releases, almost all of them went on to start their own band.

Influenced: Patti Smith, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Bowie, REM, The Pixies

Venus in Furs

13th Floor Elevators
One of the first psychedelic bands

Influenced: Queens of the Stone Age, Nebula, The Black Angels

You’re Gonna Miss Me

Influenced punk and metal through their politically charged lyrics and heavy sound

Influenced: Aerosmith, KISS, RATM

Kick Out the Jams

Black Flag

The first hardcore punk band that also fostered the DIY subculture

Influenced: RHCP, DEP, Neurosis

Nervous Breakdown

Inspired the grunge movement

Influenced: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden

Touch Me I’m Sick

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