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The Faint on The Berrics

Some skater acquaintances of The Faint are posting a series of amusing videos taken backstage on The Berrics.

Part 1: Find out about Joel and Dapose trading off on the guitar and bass

Part 2: Air Guitar!

Part 3: You know, the first time I heard and saw these guys I totally thought they were from London. But, they are definitely from the Midwest. Definitely.

More to come every Wednesday.

Read my reviews of The Faint from when I stalked them last week.

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    Seeing air guitar styles through the genres was Hiiiiiilarious. Great videos. Nice to get a behind the scene look at the guys, though they seemed a little overwhelmed with the pushy New York accent.

    I wish there was more of Jacob!
    And I had no idea Dapose’s voice was so low. A pleasant surprise.

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