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NIN launching iPhone app 'soon'

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“A few things…

We are putting the final touches on our iPhone application and we are aiming to have it in the app store by April 1. This is NOT to be lumped in with the major-label band app drivel that’s coming out now. This is a new, cool, hopefully useful app aimed at the NIN fan that will be particularly good if you’re seeing us on tour. It will make you smarter, healthier and more attractive to the opposite sex (if that’s your thing)… and it’s free. We’re planning on a pre-release demo video as soon as we have a stable build.

Also, the set lists for tours post Australia will be much more varied than what we’re currently playing. The fault lies with me in underestimating the time of converting the band to a four-piece Powered By Ilanâ„¢ as well as spending a lot of time with Jane’s Addiction during our rehearsal time before AUS/NZ run.

So there!

What will it be? My guess/wishlist:
-attendees can vote on what songs can be on the setlist
-some sort of interaction with the set while in progress
-contest of sorts..treasure hunts for VIP tickets, backstage pass…

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