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GWAR's super fun MySpace survey!



Via GWAR MySpace

Date: Feb 23, 2009 12:07 PM
Subject: GWAR survey…

This is just a non-scientific survey to see if you guys have been paying attention. Try to give just one answer to each question.

1. If you could pick one GWAR song to hear right now, what would it be?

2. Who would you like to see GWAR kill? This can be anyone from past present or future. Real or imaginary.

Try to pick someone we haven’t killed before!

3. Which old character (ally, enemy, monster, politician, celebrity, whatever) from the entire history of GWAR, would you like to see again?

4. Have you seen GWAR live? If so how many times?

If I find this interesting enough and feel like it, I may post the results.

But don’t hold your breath!

Your Dad,
Beefcake The Mighty

Gawd I <3<3<3 GWAR! My answers: 1. Tomentor 2. Sarah Palin 3. Killing Bush never gets old 4. 2 🙁

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    good answers!

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