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Documentary Forthcoming on MJK's Winemaking

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The Pulse of Radio reports that a documentary about the efforts of TOOL frontman Maynard James Keenan and his partner Eric Glomski to establish a wine-making industry in Arizona’s Verde Valley is about to go into production. According to Keenan’s publicist, the film will be co-directed by Christopher Pomerenke and Ryan Page, the same team that made the acclaimed music documentaries “Moog” and “The Heart Is A Drum Machine”. The movie will showcase the “unusual and often metaphysical ” location of the business, described by Keenan as “thick, dense, rich, complex, engaging and spiritual,” while also profiling the mysterious singer and his wine-making partner.

Keenan and Glomski started their business in a region not necessarily known as conducive to making wine. Keenan told The Pulse of Radio what the success of the project has meant to him. “It’s confirmation that, you know, as an artist you can create,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter what forum, as long as you have enough focus and drive and you’re a quick study. To be a decent musician or an actor, you have to have some kind of sense of the subtle, and I think making wine, that’s absolutely crucial. You have to notice the nuances and be able to predict the changes and navigate things without panicking.”

Keenan owns Caduceus Cellars in the Sedona area, while Glomski owns Page Spring Cellars. Both men are co-owners of Arizona Stronghold Vineyard.

The pair have been guests on Wine Library TV and have toured Whole Foods supermarkets on the West Coast for bottle signing events.

The documentary will be filmed throughout this year, with a 2010 release expected. The title is yet to be announced.

Keenan’s other musical project, PUSCIFER, made its live debut in Las Vegas last weekend. He is expected to begin working on a new TOOL album this year.

Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV’s “Thunder Show” visited Arizona last year and taped an episode with TOOL frontman Maynard James Keenan. They were also joined by winemaker Eric Glomski. Watch the show in two parts below.

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