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Alice in Chains Studio Updates

January 20, 2009
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So there’s a lot of Love/Hate/Love going on about the ‘new’ AiC. And, I agree, Layne is irreplaceable.

But, I did go see this DuVall person sing with them back in pre-HRC days, and I have to say, as someone who was a hardcore AiC fan back in the day, I didn’t hate it. I think DuVall does a good job- his voice has lots of similarities to Layne, and the image thing, well, it’s nothing 2 drinks won’t solve for me. Granted, I never got to see the ‘real’ AiC…but Cantrell is a huge part of it, and he’s still there.

So the guys have been posting ‘studio’ videos. They are quite the hairy man club.

They are up to Week 9, but you can start with Week 1 here (lulz at the anti-weed ads before every single one):
Week 1 Update

FYI- the first 2 are mostly laughs…the best one is Week 6.


  1. This morning I had a dream on the subway that Layne Staley was still alive. And Alice had just played a show and were walking offstage with a cello player who played on “I Stay Away”. Jerry was first waving to the crowd, followed by Sean I think was third. The encore was Rotten Apple, Junkhead and the final song was Godsmack. I was only a couple rows back at my dream show. It hurts so bad that Layne is now gone. One of the few singers left that I could easilyidentify with. I really wish he was here today. God, it hurts.

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