I just heard...

What do I do? Chris Cornell and Timbaland ?!?!

OK, I have no Halloween plans and my former teen dream Chris Cornell is coming to town. Easy decision right?

WRONG! He is coming with Timbaland, his latest album collaborator in a career move that I despise to pieces.

And- I don’t have a costume yet.

Should I go and gaze upon Cornell one last time? Or should I stay home and sulk?

Maybe I’ll go and dress grunge. There’s my costume.

***tries to have open mind, then heard Long Gone and felt ill***

image via thafeedback.com


    hey open your mind (re chris cornell)
    it IS halloween, after all
    : )
    it’s gotta be good !

    Hey if you don’t like Timbaland, CC’s doing solo dates on his own as well, there are three in California I think – Santa Cruz, anaheim & Ventura

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