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Oh my, it's 1998 again…Limp Bizkit reunion confirmed

February 12, 2009
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Wes Borland caved, and the original members of Limp Bizkit will reunite for a world tour.


I predicted this last year, but I was really hoping Black Light Burns would take off for Wes.

HRC will admit that back in the day, I got into nu-metal for a brief period of time. But I was a teenager. and NIN was on hiatus. But then “Nookie” was played so much that I am still sick of it today, and that Durst porn was leaked, and the romance was over. Is it too soon? I think so.


  1. Like it or not, it'll sell. The generation of fratboy/jock types that dug LB will show up in droves. Hey, nobody thought that all the 80's hair bands would do anything when they got back together, now they've crreated their own little circuit. It ain't playing football stadiums, but they're making a buck.
    Being honest for a minute or two, this might not be such a bad thing as long as they can show that they've grown up a little. When they first came out, they were a pretty weird band, name-checking Suicidal Tendencies and Fear Factory in songs. Then they became famous. And we know the rest of the story. And we all dog the band as a whole when it really was all on Fred Durst , and that if he hadn't been such a misogynistic jackass then, we'd probably remember them a little more fondly.The band itself was a pretty killer bunch of musicians. And seeing that all five of them have been in the wilderness for a while, so to speak, hopefully some ego deflation has occured……

  2. LB is in Europe and Russia right now Killing IT!!!! they are rocking it every night avg show is 10,000 people!!! Hell YA Limp Bizkit is BACK!

  3. Limp Bizkit is Back like it or not. And by the way, BLB wouldn’t exist without the LB, just for your information.

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