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The Downward Spiral

R.I.P., Spiral. Oh, how you were so good to me. I hope your dismissal doesn’t ruin my plans to travel for this tour, as the ‘presales’ become scalper central and my dreams of a meet and greet become as much of a fantasy as a Manson/NIN coheadlining tour.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

~Spiral forum boards. Watching the Year Zero ARG unfold on those boards was pure entertainment.
~Fan club gift packages. My t-shirts, my patch, my collection of album cover posters….
~Spiral entrances. The Goth VIP treatment.
~Spiral presales. Never fear a bad seat at a NIN show. Have your friends fight over who would be your date.
~TR blog. Always insightful.

I never got to do the M&G, partially because of work and I never wanted to go by myself (I don’t have any hardcore NIN friends). This makes me sad….and angry! And I usually go listen to NIN when I’m angry…now I’m going to have to go listen to DEP. Fuck.

A glimmer of hope lurks somewhere within me, since I trust TR to still support his fans and outsmart the scalpers. I just hope it’s not a trial and error process. I Do Not Want This.


    I’m a little concerned about the trial and error process too. I already gained a few gray hairs when trying to purchase Ghosts.

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