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NIN shows Discipline with another new release

NIN did it again and surprised everyone by releasing a new single today via….the radio.

It seems that sobriety+no record company has turned Trent Reznor into a prolific tune creator. The sound of this single is honestly a surprise to me, its a bit schizophrenic in comparison to other recent works, and embodies a space on the other end of the spectrum from Ghosts. It’s more like ‘Only’. Not that I don’t like it, but I’m feeling a bit like NIN is having an identity crisis. And this doesn’t sound like it belongs on Year Zero part 2, which we know is in the works. I think this is potentially a leftover from With Teeth. Best kind of leftovers, ever.

To pair with this release, has been updated with another ‘2 weeks‘ statement. While I dig more music, I really really need the presale thing situated. Many of us fans are on edge about this, and I’d like to know I’ve got my set of tickets.

But you know what else is coming in 2 weeks? My limited edition Ghosts set. I wonder if something will be hidden in there. Since ideally it’s the superfans who got these sets, this would be the perfect time to launch another ARG, or some other creative endeavor that is beyond my consideration set. To be continued….

DISCIPLINE (updated with official release)

an embedded image with the audio file and a comment that says ‘Go to on 5/5’…and it begins.

Once I start I cannot help myself…

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