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More NIN Updates from Down Under

I knew Barack Obama was cool, but not this cool.

Interview with Trent Reznor by Triple J.
Alarming tweets were due to heat in Brisbane
-LITS became too much like “theater”
-Rearranging songs to fit the four piece
-It’s a BREAK people, not the end of NIN, wristcutters
-Needing to be centered, feel more like a person, play piano, waking up and feeling better about himself
-Year Zero TV show might still be a possibility, “created by” role
-Role as industry innovator is exhausting, record companies can’t do the marketing, but doing it yourself is tiring (he said *demographics*…my research nerd side just fluttered)
-Producing Jane’s Addiction tracks, not sure where they’ll end up (so, no resolution on whether it is an album or additional tracks for their box set)
-Amphitheater tour in the U.S. w/ Jane’s starts in May, goes for under 2 months in the states announced *soon* (so the leaked dates may be real…)
-Europe festivals and “action” in the summer
-Finish tour in August in the Pacific Rim….hmmm…

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