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Dear Trent Reznor,

September 25, 2008
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I recently received your survey, and I have to say, I was impressed. You wanted to know all sorts of things about us fans to make the greatest band in the world even better- what we’d like to see on nin.com, what shows we watch, what DVDs we buy. And I guess we’ll forgive you about making us choose our favorite song (it took me a minute to decide on The Fragile) and our favorite live song (Reptile).

But me and many other hardcore fans noticed that something we’ve been begging for on the forums for a while was missing. Why yes- that would be live recordings from shows. That web streaming thing you offered, and I selected, just isn’t the same. After waiting in line for hours and hours, not eating, and being beaten against a rail while my brain is in the clouds as I stare at the stage…it’s easy to need a refresher for what I experienced. And I want to be able to play it over and over and over again and call it my own.

Lots of bands are doing this- even Metallica. It would be a great way to make an extra $5-10 per hardcore fans- and you got lots of ’em- to keep that awesome lighting system up and running.


Jamie/The Hard Rock Chick


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