All We Are Saying

All We Are Saying is a documentary by Rosanna Arquette. She interviews many musicians- very famous ones- about the changing music industry, motivation, family, and the creative process.

Though a lot of negative things have been said about it, I found it an interesting watch. I know that the music industry is messed up, but listening to these older artists who’ve had so much success gripe about it while they lounge around their multi million dollar homes is a bit pathetic at times. However, I can understand where their hostility is coming from. These seasoned artists used to make their money on albums, and now everyone is having to turn to touring to make money. And that has to be much more difficult on a 50+ year old artist who’d rather spend time in the studio.

It’s a very impressive list of interviewees: Tom Petty, Steven Tyler, The DeLeo Brothers, Thom York, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, Patti Smith, The Wilson Sisters, David Crosby, and many more….it’s quite a mix. I guess being an actress gets you some serious access to musicians.

While the documentary is not particularly provocative or focused, it’s put together in a very raw way. The best way I can think of to describe it is a marathon episode of Oprah on musician’s rants.

All We Are Saying is playing on Showtime throughout the month.

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